Not necessarily my enemy's enemy is my friend

If you are not a great friend of discovery and you want to know what it is, here's a brief explanation of the links.

    ÉlményPark.NeT | Modern Esotericism adapted to the worldview of modern man
    ÉlményPark.CoM | Who dares wins
    1ST1 | Another platform running on Individual Consciousness
    1ST1 |2 HUN | Extreme tone personal blog
    1ST1 |3 ENG | Knowledge-based website in English
    1ST1 |4 | Further elaboration of materials on my web pages
    Advanced Tasks | Details of personal cooperation
    Dimenzióutazás | Let the Profession be disbelieved as well
    DIZ | Information interface
    Don Afraid | English-language material about me and the world
    ÉlményPark Pro | Professional blog of the ÉlményPark
    Hold Sugár | Contemporary esoteric literature
    Holo Install | Practical modern esotericism
    Impersonal | Web Map
    Különóra | Education at home alone (Hungarian)
    Mandala | Modern esotericism on an existing platform - different, but just as good
    Rózsaszín Macik | Thematic information interface
    Szigorúan Szakmai | Thematic information interface
    Tutorial | Education at home alone (English)

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